On the 6th and 7th of June 2022 in Bulgaria we had a very productive second transnational meeting where we discussed some of the achieved results of the project. Here is some more information about the partners in this amazing initiative. European Strategic Partnerships Ltd. is the coordinator of the project partnering with Euroform RFS from Italy and the NGO Check point Sofia from Bulgaria.

Euroform RFS is an Italian VET and adult training institution established in 1996 and accredited by the national government of the Italian Republic. It operates in the sector of vocational and adult training, as well as career guidance. Euroform RFS organizes tailored training courses in different sectors regarding safety on the job, international trade, business administration and marketing, project management and administration, Italian language courses for foreigners, protection and management of environment, sustainable tourism, import and export, etc. Moreover, Euroform RFS has significant experience in the Learning Management Systems; they design and create systems for remote learning and eLearning teaching platforms, using innovative IT solutions. Isn`t it cool?! Their know-how would be extremely valuable for this project.

The NGO “Check Point Sofia” is a non-profit organization founded in Sofia, Bulgaria. The organization is fully focused on the development of VET and youth activities, improving the status of youth and promoting youth civic engagement.  For them it is crucial to help improving the quality of life, and stimulating the development of education and culture, tolerance promotion, and to ensure the free exchange of information and ideas among youth communities. Their extensive network would be of crucial importance for the successful implementation of the project.

Since 2018, European Strategic Partnerships Ltd. has been working, as a sending and host organization under Erasmus +, Key Action 1 “VET” and “Youth” sector, and Key Action 2 “Higher Education”, “VET” and “Adult Education”. In the last three years we are in partnership with more than 25 vocational schools, universities, NGOs and public authorities. We have the expert knowledge, the network and the most motivated team to make this happen.

Stay tuned to follow our progress and enjoy the results!